Why are colored faces not separating?

Im making a egg tray and i have 6 tray and i have added 4 colors to the tray. But the 4 color look mix like a shade and not looking separate tray with the color i have used.

The parts are overlapping and the colors of the faces (same place in space) are z-fighting.

Q1. i have attached the file can u give me a perfect solution so that color dont overlap each other.

Q2. i have 4 egg tray and to color each tray i have enter the group into deep 3-4 deeper and then color the tray. From out side i cant color or my entering the group once inside i cant color the tray.

Plz answer for both the question above.

egg tray with egg.skp (1.3 MB)

Why do You put 4 parts together in a way which is impossible in reality?

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in real tray are place each other same way.

It is impossible this way. Without egg one can put them together a little bit.

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Thanks for posting that image @miller. I was wondering the same thing.

i want to fix this way

What you’ve drawn won’t fit like that because the sides are too close to vertical. Actually look at the egg trays you are emulating and see how they are made.

For anything to nest, the inside and outside must be similar in shape. The four corner posts in your model have a sloping cone shape on the inside and a cylinder plus flats on the outside.

Left the necessary version - right the old (impossible) version.