Who cut the cheese?

The outcome of a previous thread that developed from a swimming pool into a simple SU / Fredo Animation / Thea render


Can’t compete with a fully rendered vid but, following your inspiration, here is my first stab at an animation. It shows how elements of a simple stage set is assembled.


Nice, is that with Fredo? and with camera move too!
What’s the square part on the floor that comes up at the end?

I’d select shadows on ground plane too if you don’t want a surface in there.

Yup, all with Animator.

The camera move is not quite what I wanted in terms of timing but I think that can be altered.

Although you can’t see it at the camera angle, the base box has wheels under it. The idea is that each of the three towers would sit on a “dolly” so that you can move the whole assembly around easily.

Only thing I have found a bi tricky with Animator is getting back in to edit something after you have made it. there’s probably an icon I have missed (so many to choose from!).

copy that.
You can drag the lengths of the clips in the timeline by grabbing the ends. You can click the blue strip in the time line (assuming you have version 2) and adjust timing, fairings etc. If you double click the strip in the timeline it will allow you to edit the properties.

Steeldeck seems to have taken over risers/rostrum market with the easy addition of castors, but the nice thing about the wood ones is that they are lightweight and fold up.

Yes, you can do that once you are in edit mode (and much more) but I find I tend to get a quite small edit window which only allows you to do limited things rather than the full McCoy. It’s getting from one to the other that I haven’t worked out.

Sorry, I misunderstood the issue then. I thought you were having trouble getting to edit.
Not sure why it displays small? there is a palette size in settings, not sure if that would do it.

It’s not the scale of the palette. It just seems to be a reduced version of the main one. I see this:


Looks more like a player than an editor.

If you click the little clapper board icon, it will expand to the full size, jumbo clip editor.

Blimey O’Reilly! Soooooo simple! Sorry for being such a dimwit but thanks for sticking with me anyway.

How many times do I have to tell you that O’Reilly is not my name !
Confusion abounds, which is why we’re here to help each other? …or not.

I think this is a feature of the new animator release? That smaller window opens up on previously made files when they are re-opened as it likely assumes that the animation work has been done and this serves as a portal to either play the animation, output it or edit it etc… only Fredo knows.