Which version exports scenes to video?

My model has scenes that I need to export to mp4. I read that the free web version cannot export video, so I subscribed to SU Shop for personal use. However, now I see that Shop also uses the web version. What version do I need for scenes export? What do I get by subscribing to Shop that is not included with the Free version?

You need a desktop client version to export MP4s from SketchUp. The current version would be SketchUp 2020. Go to sketchup.com to get it.

Compared to SketchUp Free, SketchUp Shop adds some import and export file types–especially CAD files. It has more tools and provides more flexibility in things like editing styles and such. In addition its license allows you to use SketchUp for commercial projects. SketchUp Free is basically only for hobbyists. (Scroll down on this page to Free and Shop.)

SketchUp 2020 adds more tools, more import and export options, added capability through the use of extensions, LayOut for create documentation from your SketchUp models, and some other stuff. Its license also permits commercial use. Compare Shop and Pro here.

Thanks. Does that mean I have to upgrade to Pro at $300/yr?

If you want/need the features, yes.