Which is better for using V Ray- Windows or Mac?

The original post asks which is better for Vray, simple answer is Windows PC for all above noted reasons.
Beyond Vray I’d say still Windows based PC as more compatible rendering software is available as well as hardware to support the new software.
I understand the rebuttal that a Mac user can always use an emulator like bootcamp, but really why not just get a PC then that can do everything anyway, what is the point of owning a Mac is you need to boot into Windows to get stuff done?

I’d phrase it a bit differently: “Mac users are less accustomed to having to deal with technical issues”. That’s not meant as a slam at either the users or Windows, rather it is an inevitable consequence of the huge variety of hardware running Windows vs the tight control that Apple exercises over its stuff. Once you get to the propellor-beanie types, I’d put a Mac expert up against a Windows expert any time regarding depth of knowledge of their OS (and ignorance of the other one!).


I do have to do quite a bit of checking Windows issues, and I use Parallels. It shares desktop and downloads folders with macOS, and I can very quickly pass files between Ones, and try the same actions on the same model while I figure out the issue.

Sometimes I need to dabble with the SketchUp json files, and rather than track down the right text editor for Windows (one that won’t impose any formatting on the text, or insist that the file has to be .txt), I just double-click the file in Windows, and it opens with TextMate in macOS.

It’s a good way to work, and doesn’t involve any rebooting.

does that equate to Apple being the most common PC ‘brand’ using your extensions?


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I’m sorry John, I didn’t understand your question?

I think he means that the 15% are all Apple PCs, and the 85% are a wide range of PC makers. What is the highest percentage, by manufacturer?

That makes no difference if it’s a Dell, Lenovo or Cyberpower built PC, it is still a Windows based machine not Windoze as you condescendingly call it.

I think he means/asks if your data is based only on computers that use your extensions? not necessarily representative of the whole market (that may not use your extensions)? My interpretation.

I used sketchup on imac with vray (only with licences) from 2011 until 2013 when I put parallel desktop because some other software which worked only under windows. I had some issues under the osx, and I rendered the same scenes under the windows and it was a shock to realize, under windows the render time with vray it was 20% faster than under osx. I tried then with other scenes and the result was the same.
So, I can assure you, under the windows at least the vray working 20% better than under osx. On the other hand I don’t remember exactly what, but under windows I had some applications for sketchup which worked well but not on osx. So I start to use sketchup under parallel desktop from that moment.
I was a huge fan of the mac, I use only apple stuff but in the final, for the same money finally I bought a incomparable more powerful PC.

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Ha, I was at that training session. I have used Macs my entire life but a few years ago I broke down and got a Windows 10 Workstation for Arch Viz rendering. I held out with a MacBook Pro until early this year when I got a Razer Blade. I recently completed a Masterclass training in Arch Viz in Italy and Macs aren’t an option for high end rendering with 3dsMAX, V-Ray, Corona, Etc. If true photo realistic rendering is your aim then I would stick with a PC and take the advice to build one yourself. Also, for conceptual rendering and motion I have been using Lumion which works great with SketchUp!


I use Lumion also. My son built my machine. I’m almost due for an upgrade.

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I run Vray on an updated “cheesegrater” Mac Pro with an Nvidia GTX 1080 TI pushing a 32" LG. Dual processor 12 core with 96 gigs. Staying in Sierra.

Vray runs quite well thank you. Layout also runs well and much better than on my Trash can Mac Pro on Mojave.

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That’s because Vray LOVES this kind of card. Too bad Apple doesn’t include them in their machines any longer.

Amen to that. I love the operating system, the support, and the integration with handhelds.

Go into any Apple store and it is clear they are a handheld device company, and no longer a player in the professional PC world. The mighty has fallen.

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I feel this is slightly troll-ish of me, which is ironic given how short I am, but what is the range of time difference that we’re talking about? Two examples:

Your render is so fast you can come back from a coffee break after 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes.

Your more demanding render takes until 2am instead of 7am. You could have got up 5 hours earlier to take a look.

What are the cases where some amount of faster rendering matters?

To add, there are laws of physics and laws of ‘Human nature’ of which this one comes in mind:

I own a MacPro with D700 cards. The GTX 1080 TI on my hackintos is multiples faster. It is not mathematical it is algebraic.

When you are trying to develop a rendering, that is huge. But also helpful in Sketch-up and Layout.

Let’s face it, for a professional workflow MAC is dead. Maybe Tim can bring it back with the new MacPro but it will most likely be stupid expensive. Tim just doesn’t care because the margin is too low, and the designers (Phil Schiller can’t innovate) don’t get it. A tool has to work first and then you can move to less is more, cool looks, etc.

I love the operating system but the machine have fallen behind.