Where to find Layers in 2021

Where do I find the Layers tab in 2021? It’s not on the right hand side column within the default tray tabs.

Layers have been renamed TAGS, happened in 2020.

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Thanks for letting me know. DO you know where I can find a tutorial about how tags work? From first glace it looks slightly different to how Layers operate in versions of SketchUp prior to 2021.

Actually, there is no difference. In 2021 tags can be grouped in tag folders.

The same basics apply. Leave Untagged as active at all times like you did with Layer 0. ALL edges and faces are created untagged and remain untagged. Give tags to groups and components. You can give tags dash styles if you wish and set colors for Color by Tag as well as control visibility of tags. As Anssi mentioned, you can now collect tags into Tag Folders to help with organization.

In LayOut you can control the visibility of tags per viewport. You can also adjust line color, weight, and dash style per tag in the viewport. This gives you a lot of options for the way you display your model in your LayOut document.