Where is the sketchup file path found

How do you know which folder a drawing is in when you see it in the Welcome Window on a mac? Sometimes I don’t remember which folder a drawing is in and I use the welcome window to open it. It would be helpful if I could see the file path.

If you open the file and use Save as… it should show you what the path is. The default path for SketchUp files should be in Preferences>Files but if you are saving them all over the place, that won’t help.


That is very helpful. ‘Save as’ even found the file path to a separate project folder.



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The save as trick may not always work. It’s possible you will be taken to the last folder you saved to. An alternate approach is to open the document and then right-click on the window title. If you select the second item in the menu that appears, that will open the folder the file is in, with the file selected.