Where is the best place to propose projects to share?

I have a revolutionary project (international applications) of housing (infinite possible forms) that use ONLY 3 different shape parts (4 x 8 panels, 2 x 4 triangles and golden ratio diamonds). Meaning, that it could be very cheap to produce in large quantity.
Where is the best place (in this Community site or elsewhere) to propose such project ?
I’ve got all the dimensions, some cardboard constructions i would like to show.
I would like aid for creating a “professional” sketch with furnitures… and virtual visit, etc.
So I could seek for interested engineers and architects… to determine the possible materials and joining…
This in a non profit project… for the benefit of Humanity.


It will be more likely to receive response in the Commercial and Collaborative Work category, so I edited your post by moving it there.

It would also be helpful if more detailed information could be provided.

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