Hi looking for help

Hi i have plans and want to pay to convert to 3d

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This should be in the commercial work and collaboration category. @RTCool

Beware of scammers and bots in the forum who might send you messages.

Don’t post your phone number email or other stuff directly in a forum post—Internet scrapers will feed your personal info to some scam office’s database.
‘Student loan forgiveness; renew your cars warranty; there’s been $1000 deposited in your account", etc.’

Drive safe, have fun.

I uh, ahem, sent you a PM. :crazy_face:


Oh, how about that. I was able to do that: Now under Commercial and Collaborative Work.

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That’s because you hold the “Regular” badge. It’s not easy to get or maintain unless you are on here all the time. I had it at one point but alas, I’m not on here like I once was.


remove your email adress because of above reasons, people can reach you via personal message as you can reach them the same way…

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Hi you can also send me the plans for a quotation if you like. I’ll be happy to take a look for you. :+1:

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I can help you with your project. Please share details/plans so that I can provide a quote and a turnaround time.