Missing category : a way to allow people to work together on a project

Say someone would like to work on a project at a given location and lacks one or more skills.

For the example:

Location: Geneva Switzerland
Structure: Student in Architecture
Objective: Conceptualization of an autonomous house



The idea would be to propose an autonomous ecological house in water - electricity - wastewater treatment - gas - heating

Owner / Project Manager / Concept:
Skills Reunited / Existing Team / Partners:
Architect: Edgar
Designer: Edgar
Interior designer: Frédérique
Structural engineer: Johaquim
Electrical Engineer: Geneva Electric Company

Missing Skills / Missing Partners:
3D Modeling Artist (hands, for example)
Water treatment engineer:
Expert in bio-gas
Communication Manager

Some skills may be international, others are needed locally (meetings - monitoring - etc.)

How to do a targeted promotion of the project to the sketchup community to find skills / partners to move forward?

Would it be interesting to create within the community a section “classifieds” with the possibility of targeting a place, a skill (paid or unpaid), a partnership, etc.?

I don’t find anything on SketchUp site, not even a section where such an ideas “classified” can be submitted to the SketchUp team…

Can someone help me with this issue, eventually to propose to the SketchUp team to think about this (great) possibility ?

I actually need someone / a partner able to model my hands…


There’s already a category which this forum uses for Commercial and Collaborative Work.

Similarly, Trimble Connect would be the recommended platform for managing the Software Related Aspects of this, like File Sharing and Group Collaboration using a centralized set of project documents, i.e. .skp, and .layout files.

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There is the Commercial and collaborative category.
And I’m moving this to the Meta category as it is about the forum not about sketchup.

This is possible, and you may find someone to help with this…But I think it can be brought to a higher level of visibility. It would be better to post this request in the other category mentioned above. And Set it towards the top of your post, so it’s the first thing people see.

And Maybe provide a little more detail about what you will need. And the what the finished results are going to be.

Are ALL the hands suppose to be symmetrical? or if not, then how much variation will take place between them.

What is the scale and size of the project?

Is the final Use going to be a 2D Graphics Image? That needs to be rendered too?

Or, are we looking at a potential 3D Printed Sculpture here?

Multiply materials involved?.. Box shape made in wood, whereas the hands will be something else. This would requiring a small amount of consideration for how they’ll connect together and all.

Anyhow, Your presentation is good. You don’t need to add a lot more effort than you’ve already made… Just fill in a few unknowns, similar to what my questions are.

Thihgs fit in the list chronologically, you can’t specify a specific position. They move up and down depending on when they had activity.

I meant the top of his comments.

Essentially, right next to the picture of the hands he shows. You don’t see the request for modeling those hand until the very end.

…which is alright, of course.

I didn’t catch it right away myself, given the separation between photo and request. Just trying to guard against that for others.

In that case I would edit your post to say ‘Top of the Post’ rather than ‘Top of the List’.


Thank You, Box.

Thank you for your answer.

Am sorry but I did not express myself correctly, as am not English mother thong, but French.

I simply wanted to submit an idea to the SketchUp team : to create sort of meeting place or forum where selection of language, geographic and type of project can make it easy to find a service or someone. Actually, to find more specific information is very hard and time taking.

Thank you for your answer.

Actually, I did not find Commercial and Collaborative Work rubric. Maybe it’s not very visible.

Also, I did not express myself correctly, as am not English mother thong, but French.

Coming back to Commercial and Collaborative Work witch would be a good start, does not permit to search in a specific language and area. By adding this possibility, it would boost collaboration, at last in my case. Why, because my actual partners (I used an example with witch I would collaborate with them) don’t speak or hardly speak english. One is Portuguese and the other one Swiss-French.

What would be nice, beside international collaboration, is local networking.

Have a look here.