Where is that millimeter?


I am driving crazy in trying to find a millimeter. I have this very easy model, where 5 objects side by side totalize to 197.5 cm. But if I measure all 5 together I miss 1 millimeter and the size is 197.4

What am I doing wrong? Here the file.
bar_test.skp (1.5 MB)

PS: what I am drawing will end up be a bar. And because the first try ended in so many mistakes, I ended up redoing it from scratch. I am a Sketchup beginner.

You have the display units set to just one decimal place. Try increasing it to two places via Model Info->Units and then update the dimensions and you will see the correct addition. The parts are actually the correct sizes, but the display precision is causing rounding of displayed values.


With a few more decimal places.

Turn off Length Snapping, too.

Screenshot - 1_19_2021 , 8_06_41 PM