Where is outliner in pro 2021?

I just upgraded to Pro version from the Web version (I only had a Chromebook before), and was wanting to organize my models using Outliner. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up anywhere. Where can I find it?

From the Window menu, select Outliner.

Please correct your profile info.
@monospaced is correct if you have Mac
But with windows it would be in the Default Tray

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He changed.

No, unfortunately. It’s also not possible to download programs with a Chromebook. Everything is done on the web.

Doesn’t show up there as an option. :frowning:

Box has you covered.

Where do I edit my profile?

Not in my default tray.

Go to Window>Default Tray and turn on Outliner.

Click on your picture in the circle in the upper right corner of the forum page and then on the person icon to edit your profile.

Thanks! I was looking in the panel on the right side of my screen. I’m so used to using the Web version I’ll have to be retrained! :confused:

By default the Default Tray is on the right side. In SketchUp Pro you have the option to to choose which panels are displayed in the tray and which aren’t. You can also create additional trays to split the panels up if you wish.

I told you it was in the Window menu in the first reply.

Yes, but I’m stupid in most of my brain. I didn’t see the outliner in the window menu.

It’s a little different between Monospaced’s Mac version and your Windows version. He doesn’t have a Default Tray thing to look in so he sees Outliner in the Window menu directly.

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