Is Outliner available in Make 2016

New user here, any help will be appreciated. Watching many tutorials and trying things out as I go. Outliner looks very usable. Is it available in Make or a feature of Pro? Thanks again for any help.

Outliner is available in the Make version also.
Main differences between Make and Pro are:

  • no LayOut
  • almost no export formats
  • can’t create Dynamic Components, only use already created dynamics
  • no Solid Tools

Thanks Guy. I looked again a few layers deeper and found it in Window/Manage Trays/ bottom check box. Now I Just have to learn to use it. Looks like some good You Tube videos available.

Dale, I would suggest creating a new tray (I named mine “TREE”,) and then put the Outliner panel in it. I then dragged that tray over to the left margin and docked it. Then I clicked the pushpin icon so it will automatically slide into a tab on the left margin.

I did the same for the Instructor panel (put it in a new tray named “HELP”,) left docked and autohide it.

Now whenever I need either, I can hover the cursor over those “hidey” tabs and the trays will slide out into view.

The Outliner is important this way, as you will often need to have the Entity Info panel visible in another tray, so as you click things in the Outliner, your can see properties in the Entity Info panel.

Thanks for the help. The process you described is great and teaches me a lot. If I may impose a little more, I’m having one problem. After docking at the top left of the drawing area the tray jumps to full width across the entire drawing area. I can’t find a way to grab an edge to resize. I can shorten it vertically. Is there any way to constrain the tray size?
Taking your time to help newbies get up and running is pretty classy. Thanks

When you are dragging your tray and it is still attached to the mouse, you’ll see little blue docking icons appear. One for the top dock, one for the right, one for the bottom and one for the left. (There is also a sort of cross docking gizmo in the center.) Anyway, just drag the tray over to the blue icon on the left and drop it, and the tray should dock to the left margin.

Here is how I have my right side tabbed trays setup:

Thank you Dan. It worked just as you said. I now have multiple trays down
the left hand side of my work area. I will now begin drafting the new
kitchen cabinets for the house we are building. Please expect more
questions as I try to do more and more with this software. Your help is
truly appreciated.

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