Where do I find a list of the components I have created?

I have made dozens of components for different projects, and want to duplicate them in other projects. Where do I find a list of components I have created so I can import them into my projects, rather than having to redraw them?

Look in the folder in which you saved those components. They ought to be there. If these components are only in other, larger SketchUp models you’ll need to open them and save out the components.

Thanks. It looks like I have some work to do. I just generated a folder for components. I see that I can drill down through the group I created to get to my highlighted component, click “Control C” to copy it, close the drawing, open a new drawing and paste the component into the drawing with “Control V”, and then save the component drawing in a components file. Seems like a bunch of hooey to go through, when it appears I am creating a file somewhere when I make a component and give it a name. I see nothing in the top drop downs, “File”, Edit", “View”, etc. where it shows “Components” that I can access for import. There has to be an easier way!

There is an easier way. Go into the Components window, open the secondary pane ( button top right in the window), set the top one to In Model, the bottom one to the collection folder, and drag the thumbnail for the component from the top to the bottom.

Of course going forward, do this as you are creating components you might use again in the future.

When I look at the default tray, all I see are tabs for are Materials, and Entity Info. I see no components tab. Sorry, Am I in the right spot?

You’re in the right spot but evidently you closed that window at some p[oint. Go tinto Window>Default Tray and add Components again.

OK! That was helpful! This components tab seems to have some of the components I have created in other drawings, but not all of them. However, now I know where to look for them in my various drawings. Thanks so much for helping me out!

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The In Model Components will only show those components that are in the currently opened SketchUp file. It’ll only show components, not groups so if the objects are groups you’ll have to convert them. Also if you click on the Details button (black arrow to the right of the dropdown list) while looking at the In Model collection you can click on Expand. That will expand nested components to show child components.

Keep in mind you can have different collection folders to sort your components into and make them easier to find.

I can’t find the components I’ve made in SketchUp. Unfortunately, “Look in the folder you saved them” doesn’t help me at all. Where would that be? Most of my components disappear into the ether never to be seen again. Depending on the Model I open; I can find a list of all my components, a few components and none of my components. How frustrating. If I search my computer out of desperation for a component I just made, it finds nothing!

Did you read and do what Dave explained?

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You may need to learn how to deal with the components in Sketchup. Basics, what it is…How to make your own collection, how to save the components to separate file(s) etc. etc. Perhaps you can start your study with this article:
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