Where are the "sc*rapbooks"?


According to this page, there are meant to be Scrapbooks at Windows > Scrapbooks but they aren’t there in Sketchup 2017. Has it moved or been renamed?

I had to circumvent some very, very stupid content filter because the work scrap contains the abhorrent, expletive c*rap (God, forgive me)


This reminds me of an old online game where you couldn’t write the Swedish word for “good” (bra) in the chat because that’s apparently a dirt word in English.

Regarding the scrapbooks that’s a feature of LayOut, not SketchUp (the 3D modeler). In SketchUp components are used similarly and shown from Window > Default Tray > Components.


“Scrapbooks” was never there. Scrapbooks are a LayOut thing, not SketchUp. If you read that page you linked to, you would see that.


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