Where are the baseline instructions for tables in LayOut?

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but when I go to “Adding Tables to a Document” in the Help Center for LayOut (Adding Tables to a Document | SketchUp Help), it appears that the content is, well, missing. See screenshot here:

The only link is one for LayOut, and that just takes you to an FAQ about LayOut. There doesn’t appear to be anything that shows any further detail besides the opening paragraph at the top.

Have I lost it, or is the content indeed missing?

Thanks, Robin

Actually, the content is there. It’s just pretty short. In some reason the content creator decided that will be enough. :wink:

You may find more about inserting files -including tables - for example in this video:
Importing Files - Let’s Talk LayOut - YouTube

Or you can use the official Courses e.g.:
LayOut Essentials (sketchup.com)

Or ask your specific question… someone in the forum sure will help you…