When Exporting to stl I get

I get the Makerbot Replicator 2 X as something attached to the part I made did not know it was there until I took it in to Slic3r and looked at it and wondered where it came from ! !
Tried to cut it off and that did not work out well . . So how do I get rid of the thing in the 3D printer metric box by Makerbot . . again.stl (960.9 KB)

All it was to be was the washer with North East South and West around the outside . . Sort of a test of the 3D Text and the bed being Level

Frankly the 3d-printing templates are somewhat useless !
If you use one, then you must delete the unwanted parts at the end so you don’t include them in any subsequent STL export.
Also remember to use Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused…
To keep the SKP trim…

Oh okay did not know it was going to be there and never thought of it . . I drew the washer with hole and added 3D text to the surface and liked the way it looked and exported it . . Will look for the way to delete the what ever is there first . . When I do it again . . Thanks