When a solid is not a solid

The idea is to create the half-blind details in the drawer front and trim the sides to create the profiles.
The drawer face is not a solid. I cannot find where I’m missing to close-up. I’ve re-drawn my lines, run Inspector.

add the offending object so we can check it.

Can you isolate the component you are working on and post that to the forum?

My gawd…you’re all so fast - and incredibly helpful.
Baúl 2.skp (29.6 KB)

That was not the drawing.
Lg. drawers. Baúl 2.skp (28.3 KB)

Zoom in very closely to the inside corner of the drawer front. Extra edges.

Unusual looking dovetail joint with the pins wider than the tails.

How did you create that component and layout the dovetails?

This on the left would be a more traditional arrangement for the drawer side with the tails wider than the pins and ending in a half pin at the top and bottom instead of a half tail as you have.

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I’m sometimes helpful, but not always that fast. @Box is both.

EDIT: See? @DaveR is too.

You have extra lines and surfaces on the part that is not appearing as a solid. Zoom in deep to see them and delete.


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Here’s a quick way to see the error.
GIF 28-02-2022 10-19-30 AM

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The first file had a missing face in the bottom of one of the corner posts. Otherwise the parts were all solid groups or components.

After your comments, zooming in and cleaning up, it still isn’t enough; I’m obviously still missing some closures. I’ll work on it more.
DaveR - Let me gurgitate on why I did what I did.

It’s not missing closures. It extra edges and faces along the outside. Note the areas marked in red by Solid Inspector2.

Unless you are set on keeping the dovetail layout exactly the way you have it, you would probably be time and effort ahead to delete the component and start over.

Fusing and Exploding curves sometimes helps. Mark all , left click, explode curves.

Won’t help in this case, however.