What's the difference between a local collection and a library?

Is there any difference between a local collection and a library? Can a library contain multiple collections?

A “local” collection is a folder on your disk. The folder contains SKP files that were saved as components.

Where do you get the term “library” ?

A local collection folder can contain multiple sub-folders (hence sub-collections.)

To me, the difference is merely colloquial use of different terms for the same thing.
I think in everyday conversation the terms Collection, Library and Directory are interchangeable.

Below, notice the term Library appears in an earlier version of the SketchUp components browser.
At some point there was a change in terminology from Library to the current term, Collection.

SU 2015

A GIF borrowed from the SketchUp Sage … Perhaps @catamountain can tell us the SU version.

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That GIF dates to 2008. It needs to be updated.

Thank you, all. Most helpful.