What’s up with SketchUp Make?



Have had a bit more time playing with formz now.
Did have trouble getting some of the SU standard library components(2dpeople) from SU6 library to load but on the other hand was able to upload components(table light and bespoke shelf) direct from one of my SU14 models with no problems.
Also noted that the programme seems to ‘hang’ on start up for about 30 secs once the workspace was ready for input - but that could be something specific to my setup.
I need to investigate further. After all I am hoping that this might be a good programme for quickly generating all the more complicated pieces of furniture and items requiring smooth organic shapes and the like for using in my SU models. Fingers crossed.


MOI looks so awesome. I wish I had a need for it. Seems to be at a reasonable price as well.


Huh, that’s weird. Just double-checked mine and it comes up in just a few seconds for me. Might be a PC specs issue. Here’s mine:
Intel Core i7-4770 3.4 GHz
16 gb ram
520 gb SSD
GTX 645
Windows 7 pro


I have settled on a combination of Blender, SketchUp, Mudbox, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine. I find there is not much I can’t do with that combination.

I think Make will last a long time, I don’t know why people are so panicked, I still have SU8 Pro running on an old laptop somewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if Make 17 works well into the next 5 years, by then I think Trimble will have either moved to s subscription service and re-vamped the browser version if it’s still a thing.


It certainly loads quickly on mine but when I go to click one of tools nothing happens with message top left box: ‘…not responding’ then after appx 30 secs there is a ‘jolt’ and the tool activates and all is then OK. Should be able to view my PC spec if you click on my face icon.


The unknown worries some so I can understand. Also there is no idea on what new OS (Windows 10 or OSX) will bring and break with older software. We just don’t know what is to come.
I am going to make myself learn Blender, especially with the new Eevee engine. It just looks phenomenal! The sad part is that I have AutoDesk’s Arch. Collection and and 3D Max is installed. Just looks like such a hot mess to learn.
Now Unreal is another matter. As a gamer I am quite familiar with what that engine can do!


Oh didn’t know that (TIL - today I learned :wink: ) But what CPU and do you use an SSD?


AMD A6-9230 64bit no SSD but 2TB disc not hot by any means but works well for most apps.


Liam my SU6 pro works just fine on windows10 so no problems for the future!


I would be glad to keep in touch about this, maybe importing components
from SU
works better than formZ components.

My email address if you are interested is arch.outline@gmail.com

Best Regards

Lincoln Brooke



You should look around for other packages for your company that are usable by your staff. Be sure to check the licencing agreements, just to make sure your business does not end up crosswise with the supplier. If you find that SketchUp Pro ends up looking like a reasonable deal just the same, you should have another option.

You may be able to use one copy of Pro if you can find another cost effective package for your staff to build their contributions in. You would need a drawing format that Pro and your other package both use. Then you could transfer the staff drawings into the one copy of Pro for consolidation.

All the best,
Charles Sloane

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SketchUp Extensions play a vital role in my workflow and without them, I truly can’t function as a 3d artist.

I am excited about the possibility of running Extensions on the web as well, but until then I don’t think I will make the switch to web-based modeling.



Without extensions SketchUp isn’t SketchUp.



Access to SketchUp Make 2017, is maintained or not?

According to a Google search, I can not download SketchUp 2017 Free.

Thank you


Available here.


Thank you I know the link.
I’m thinking of the average user looking for the free version of SketchUp on Google.
It seems impossible to fall on the page you just proposed.


That’s probably because whilst still available, desktop make has been discontinued and development is now on the free web version.
And as Box said, when I am searching too it’s the first result in Google: https://www.sketchup.com/download/all


Put this into Google and tell me what the first result is.
sketchup make 2017 download


You are right about this specific research.

Try this search:

sketchup free download


You asked for Make, that is a different product.