What Rendering Plugin Does My File Use?

I received a SketchUp model file from my client. They had been working with a previous firm to generate their renderings, but for various reason, they have requested that I help them complete the project. The previous firm was generating final renders inside of Sketchup. Is there a way to tell what rendering extension the file is setup to use so I can make the necessary model changes and generate final images that match what the previous firm was producing? I’ve only modeled in SU. I normally import my model into 3ds Max then render final images with V-Ray, so rendering completely within SU is new to me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Check the outliner for lights ( use filter eg type light )
Check materials in model
Check styles in model
Some clue might pop up

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Some renderers store also attributes (custom properties) in materials or light source components. The names of these attribute dictionaries may contain a clue about the rendering plugin that stored them. You can browse attribute dictionaries by using the built-in Component Attributes viewer or by some extensions.

Thanks for the replies - I’ve been able to determine they used V-Ray.

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