What kind of lights are these and do they exist in the SketchUp Warehouse

Does anyone know what style of lights these are?

Can you get a better image of them? You might be able to do a Google image search and get some identifying info about them. As to whether or not you could find them in the Warehouse, I guess you’d have to search and see. It’s an extreme long shot that anyone would know off the top of their head. If you get a decent image of one and some basic dimensions, you could likely model one without too much trouble.

Here is the original image. Does this help determine the name for you easier?

French Coach Light(s)

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Perhaps an exterior or outdoor wall light? If you look at websites for manufacturers of residential lighting, you can get some ideas. Or try this.

Thanks for the help

Found these. Cheap too :open_mouth::open_mouth:

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Also search for “Carriage lantern”