What is the screen capture/animation program I see used on this forum?

I have seen screen capture/animation used to demonstrate various techniques and problems in nearly every category. I would like to ask Box, Dave, Dan R. or any other members in the know: What program do you use for animated demonstrations? I have looked on the internet and have not found the software that most here appear to be using. Box, I know what you use is not the same as what I have seen in Skill Builder U-tubes. If you wouldn’t mind telling me what you frequently use here, it would be appreciated. If anyone knows what is used for Skill Builder U-Tube Videos to highlight the mouse cursor with a yellow circle, that information would also be appreciated.

I thought maybe Camtasia Studio. I have an older version of it that works well for screen animations with or without audio but I’m not sure what is being used to highlight the mouse cursor on screen, etc. or if that is what any of you use or would recommend.

There is a number of them around. I use a free one called Licecap.


As @DaveR says there are a variety, a google for screen capture or screen recording or gif recording etc will find a selection.
You really need to try a few out and see what suits you and your budget. None are particularly expensive and many are free.
On the rare occasions I need an actual video I use Screenpresso, it has the yellow highlight thing, it’s not the only option for that. It’s not free but very cheap.
But I mostly make gifs and I wouldn’t recommend the one I use, gifcam, it is old and buggy and hasn’t been updated in quite some time, but I know it’s idiosyncrasies so it works for me.
I’d say google and try a few and see what is best for you. I personally never got on well with licecap, but that’s just me. Screen to gif is another that springs to mind.

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Check out https://www.screentogif.com/, it’s open source and easy to use.

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Box, thanks very much for the info. I’ll give them all a try. I seldom use any of this stuff now that I’m retired but I’ve always wondered what you used for all the demonstrations you make to help other user/members.

Dave, Thanks for the info. I will give Licecap a try!


Screentogif sounds interesting…and it’s within my budget. Easy to use is also a plus. I will have a look right away, thanks for your reply.