Best software/app for making CAD screen demo vids on PC?

Some folks answer my SU questions with quick animations, which is very useful.
What software will work to do this on a PC? (I attempted to use Steps Recorder to answer a CAD question on FB, but the file was not recognized or too large.)


OBS is kind of our standard. Easy way to record with or without audio and add intro/outro animations on the fly!

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Thanks Aaron!
Would you happen to know if Face Book accepts these clips as replies (or are they too large. wrong format)?
No problem if not.

Always enjoy your vids!

I’m using this:
ScreenToGif - Record your screen, edit and save as a gif, video or other formats


Thanks! Will check it out.

FYI, this is the one I stumbled upon after posting. Seems to work as FB reply, but only after uploading from hard drive.
Same with this SU forum window- I can’t just hit “Paste” and embed the file here, in convenient way you can w still screen captures…

Hope this is useful.

I have used Snagit for short clips in the past. Techsmith also has a software called Camtasia which I really like for screen recording and basic video editing.

for animated GIFs alternatively:


if you need true videos for screencasts instead of animated GIFs check out free vokoscreenNG (OS) too.

The ScreenToGif also able to save to various video format and container,

even can utilize external libraries to do it like

I use LiceCap. Nice and simple.

I seem to remember reading that Facebook is not to friendly to user made GIFs, though people use plenty of off the shelf ones.

That sounds familiar… I seem to remember running into that in the past as well.