What is the latest version of SketchUp Desktop?

What is the latest version of SketchUP for the Desktop? I am using Version 21.1.331 but it keeps prompting me to upgrade but I don’t want to go to the subscription model. I barely use it now and unless my previous major project (the RiverArch) is funded (unlikely) I will not need it in the future much at all so I don’t want to pay for annual upgrades/licenses.
How can I upgrade to the latest desktop version and be sure I am not subscribing to the subscription version?
BTW, Placemaker is warning me it will not work after January, 2024, but it actually gives an error already when trying to place new terrain. Truthfully, it doesn’t have the resolution I need anymore anyway, but I just thought I’d report this incompatibility.

You can use SketchUp Desktop version with Classic licence or subscription based licence.

The latest SketchUp Desktop version is 23.1.314 for Mac. However if you are updating to this you need a subscription licence, because you will not be able to buy Classic licence anymore.

The latest version witch can use Classic licence 21.1.331 for Mac. So, since you have this, you do not need to do anything.
Take out the tickbox from Sketchup Preferences>>General>>Allow checking for updates. If you still get the push messages - when you start SketchUp - about updates, just ignore it and start modelling.

You can use SketchUp Desktop version is 21.1.331 as long as you like, considering there will no more Maintenance & Support plans available and this version soon end of its lifetime (meaning no more support and some web based function may not work later… etc.)

You can still download the last 3 version from here: https://www.sketchup.com/download/all, so I recommend you to download the installer file of SketchUp 2021 version and save it for yourself (and keep your licence email as well) that will allow you later to reinstall it.
(or transfer it to other computer if you removed the original licence from your current computer.)

Thanks. That was helpful and I downloaded the installer too.

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