What is best way to cut this object?


i want to cut this mesh object to fit such like follow image.
i have no idea what is best and simple method to cut simply.
pls help me


Select meshes and right-click on them > Intersect faces > With selection.


but i want to cut such like



Hi there. Off the topic here with another issue…
Would appreciate some help. Familiar with SU.
Just installed SUMake 2016 free version on Windows 10 (64bit).
Woodworking template in millimeters.
Rectangle tool does not draw dimensions as per my input. (Ex. 1000,1000), which should be 1meter by 1meter. Seems to just come up with its own dims.
Any ideas?



  1. make a new post with your problem, don’t mix with other’s post;
  2. did you install SketchUp with “run as administrator”?
  3. which are these “own dims.”?


thanks you so much … work like charm!