What happened to the Query tool?

SketchUp used to have a set of Inquiry Tools that lived at the bottom of the Tools menu. But in 2016, it is GONE!
How can I get it back? Please!! The ability to identify the co-ordinates of a point in 3D space is beyond useful - it is essential.
Please, somebody, HELP!

Seriously red face here. I had a rare moment of clarity and went to the Extension Warehouse. Amazing place, that! Full of all sorts of really useful tools - like the Utilities Tools that contain the Query tool that I was so desperately searching for…

I’ll try to not panic so easily next time!

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I couldn’t aggree more @les_booyse, Query is an elemental function.

The reason you couldn’t find it…
The script providing the Query tool, Utilities Tools, was hastily yanked from the SU 2013 standard distribution.
Then, summarily tossed among the hundreds of others found in the Extension Warehouse.

You’re not the party with reason to feel embarrassed.
Experienced (read PRO) users shouldn’t have to waste their resources searching for elemental functions.

Lend your voice to this topic if you will…


Extension Warehouse currently indicates 24348 Utilities Tools users.

Let’s say it took a mere 5 minutes for each to realize the Query tool was missing, search and discover it’s whereabouts, download and install.

Surely, it would take less than 2039 hours of development to put Utilities Tools > Query back in SU.

Then there’s the feeble Utilities Tools > Create Face tool.
Compared to MakeFaces by Todd Burch, it’s little more than an aggravating waste of menu space.

@Trimble … What’s the point?


From the point of view of someone who’s been using SU since version 4, when Ruby scripting was add, I remember the small smattering of scripts the developers released to get the plugin ball rolling, all listed on a single web page. None of them were perfect (I even found and finally reported a coding error in Window Maker that needed to be fixed for the Extension Warehouse debut.) Utilities Tools, Bezier, Example Scripts, Window Maker and a few others were released at that time.

The pro-offered scripts weren’t much, a sampling showcasing what’s possible - just enough to plant a few seeds. It worked.

You come a long way baby…

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