Where is Utilities - Query tool?


In SketchUp 8 there is a Query tool (Tools>Utilities>Query) that lets you click on an entity, for example a point, and it displays the X,Y,Z coordinates of the point.
Is there such a thing in SketchUp 2015?


Search for Utilities in the Extension Warehouse and install it from there.


There was…
IIRC, both of these were yanked from the SU 2013 standard distribution.

Utilities Tools (provides the Query tool)

Example Ruby Scripts (provides Point at Center context menu command)

Coordinate Query/Readout

If you use the “Text” tool and click on a point, it will default to having the x,y,z as the text - if you only want the information (ie not actually drop a label) then just hit [esc] and it retracts the click so you can click on another point.


Not sure why it was deleted, it is a fundemental tool for me


Indeed, query is an elemental function.

Substituting the Text tool is a monumental kludge.
Text tool does not display coordinates, length or area from outside named Groups and Components.


thanks. problem solved.