What happened to the analytics in the 3D Warehouse

Just noticed that the analytics graphs for models in the 3D Warehouse seem to have disappeared. In their place is a flag to report abuse.
What happened to the analytics and can we ever get them back?

Hi David,

Analytics are still there, but are now accessed from the three-dot icon.

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I don’t see the dots on Chrome?



You can only see analytics on your own models.

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Ah silly me, shows how much I use the warehouse.

No worries. I was just looking at some of my 3D Warehouse content. Funny that the Warehouse shows downloads on files that have been private and locked since I uploaded them.

That sounds very suspicious. Well, I can see the three dots for my own models that I uploaded for Basecamp printing anyway.

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An admin could have… maybe we admins LIKE your models, Dave. That does not compute, Dave (HAL 2001).

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That’s funny! You admins only have to ask. :wink:

“You know of course though he’s right…”

Yes, I know about the three dots. They’re missing on my models. How do I get them back?

Are you signed in to the warehouse?

Oh, D-oh! The new look of the Warehouse fooled me. I thought I was signed in, but I wasn’t. The dots are back. My apologies for the bother.