What generation of ipad to use SketchUp 6.2.1 Latest Release?

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Able to advise me what ipad generation will be good for using SketchUp latest release of 6.2.1 ?

If you can afford to get the latest generation is the best, it has and m2 processor which is the most powerful tablet chip for now. I’m not a sketchup for iPad user but since it comes together with the pro license I’ve used a couple times, I have a 2019 iPad Pro I think it’s the third generation, it has an A12x SOC and it’s powerful enough to run sketchup. Try to get an iPad with the biggest screen which is the 12.9” the a iPad Air can also run sketchup but the screen size is smaller even than the one on the smaller iPad Pro 11”


iPad System Requirements | SketchUp Help

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since it needs ipadOS15 minimum, and an apple pencil (1 is good, 2 is better), here is the compatibility list for os 15

and here are the two pencils, and their compatibilities

As you can see, the limiting factor is not the OS but the pencil, SU can be installed on older version (2014-15) not pencil compatible.

So yeah, lastest gen is the best, of course it (always) is. but as you can see, it’ll still run on an iPad6+, iPad Air 3+, Mini 5+ and pro (any pro)

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Hi Everyone , Thank you for the replies.

I have found out that M2 processor is required for Hover function to be work with.