Minimum Spec IPad for Sketch-up Pro

Anyone using an IPad 7 or 8 successfully for example? Thanks, much appreciated

SketchUp Pro is not supported on iPad. SketchUp for iPad is supported. System requirements are here:

Thank you that is really helpful.

" * Sketchup for iPad requires your iPad to have at least iPadOS 15 installed."
… ok so if we go to IPad 5 then that can run iPadOS 16.7.3 so appears to be compatible.
Can I safely assume that Sketchip for IPad will run successfully on this, or in reality is it painfully slow and you need a later IPad? (Sorry if the questions are a bit dumb, this is not my forte). Thanks in advice

I guess it depends on how big your model files are. I haven’t had any problems with the files I’ve worked with on my iPad. Keep in mind iOS seems to get updated fairly frequently so you’ll need to consider that. If you are going to buy an iPad it seems to make sense to get the most recent version you can. Presumably that will give you longer to use it before they update the operating system out from under you.

What kind of things will you be modeling with it?

After using SketchUp on my iPad Air, I would recommend getting one with a bigger screen.

Not for me, for another person in my life! Good to hear it works well for you, can I ask which generation IPad that’s on? Thanks

5th generation iPad Air running 17.2. The heavy lifting is done on my PC, though.

I have a 3th gen iPad Pro with the A12x SOC, it runs well but with big models it struggles a bit, I’ve used it to model just a couple of times, I prefer to do it on either of my machines using sketchup pro.

The A12x is the A12z with less ram, the A12z was the SOC used by apple on the developers kit when they made the transition from intel to Apple silicon, so it’s a quite powerful chip.