What does Context-Click Mean



there seem to be many little bugs and glitches in the software.

Occasionally when setting up sections, the view of the set section is viewed at an angle. No amount of cajoling and tweaking allows me to set up elevations and sections to be viewed squared on. As I mentioned, this only happens occasionally, but is very frustrating. Ending up setting scenes manually.

What does ‘context-click’ mean? And where do i find the drawing axes (sic) context menu?

Aligning the point of view to the current view
You can align SketchUp’s point of view to be perfectly aligned with the current view. To align the point of view to the current view:

Context-click on the drawing axes. The drawing axes context menu is displayed.
Select Align View from the context menu.




Context click on a PC means to right click and you get a drop down menu of cetain options depending on the context of the click.
On Mac it is different, it might be option or apple click, someone else will confirm that I’m sure.

Meanwhile, the drawing axes are the Blue Red and Green lines.
So here you can see me right clicking on the coloured lines to get the appropriate menu.
When I right click ‘not’ on the lines, no menu appears. Hence a Context Click, in the context of empty space there are no menu options, but on the axis there are.


It’s not a question of platforms, but input devices and settings/setups (and “PC”/“Mac” are not words that describe platforms but hardware manufacturers).

See wikipedia.
It is called context menu (or context click) because that is the description of its function: a list of commands that are specific to the current context of your work. Users can invoke it with different input methods, and it could be imprecise to call it “right click menu”. For example you would want to be able to navigate your computer even when nothing else than a keyboard is connected.

You can invoke a context menu…
with a mouse:
• right mouse button (if set up for right handers)
• left mouse button (if set up for left handers)
(therefore this mouse button is called “secondary mouse button” because it can be right or left)
• long click (for single button mice or old people with difficulties
with a keyboard:
• context menu key
with a trackpad:
• can be setup to use two finger tap
with a touch screen:
• often a long press


In passing…

In EN the word Axes is the correct plural of Axis - never Axises or Axii !
Note that it is pronounced slightly differently from the plural of the word Axe [or USA’s Ax] - i.e. it is AX-eez rather than AX-ziz.


Thanks Box, this makes sense.


So what are these bugs and glitches?


Many of SketchUp’s functions are found within the Context Menus.

See this Help article …

Context Menu Items for Entities — SketchUp Help