Context menu position on browser

Hi, I tried searching for this issue and could not find it… I think its a new issue that happened in the last few weeks/months?

I notice when we right-click to open the context menu, it appears below the mouse cursor.

This is fine if you have right-clicked high up on the web page.

If you right click lower down the page, the context menu is hidden off the bottom of the browser window.

I’m sure this menu was smart and would change its orientation so it was fully visible no matter where the user initiates it. This has changed recently.

Current the workaround to do something like convert some shapes into a Group:

  • Draw shapes
  • Select shapes
  • Change camera view so shapes are above half-way up the screen
  • (I find Shift + Mouse drag while in the Orbit tool helps here)
  • Right-click as high up ass possible on the shapes
  • Choose Group