What do you listen to when SketchUping?

Do you listen to anything (or anyone)? Music, podcasts, TV, YouTube videos, nagging spouses/bosses/coworkers…?

When drawing and modeling I listen to both kinds of music:

  1. Steely Dan;
  2. everything else.

Of course, by “everything else” I mean Classical.


I’m retired, so no bosses/co-workers, but yes to all of the other stuff. NPR sometimes, PBS sometimes, German TV channels (Ich verstehe, und meine Frau ist eine Deutsche.)


Jazz (from 1920’s through present), Funk, Rock, Blues, occasionally “classical”. For the most part it has to be instrumental, lyrics tend to interfere with my concentration. (oh and it can’t be a first listen, I need to know it.)


There’s an all night place near me at which the 24/7 muzak loop includes Vince Guaraldi’s Peanuts soundtrack. For some reason that music makes concentrating on modeling a real breeze.


SomaFM - Groove Salad


My music tastes are very eclectic:

  1. U2
  2. Sting
  3. Taylor Swift (Not everything but I have to admit she does have some good stuff)
  4. Rock Ballads (Like nothing Else Matters by Metallica)
  5. Some classical (Pipe Organ)
  6. The Outfield
  7. 80’s and 90’s hits
  8. Yoshiki (former bandmate of Japan X)
  9. Beatles
  10. Paul Simon
  11. Def Leppard (Hysteria Album)

I write a lot more Ruby code than I do actually drawing things in SketchUp, but I guess I’m doing a lot of testing within SketchUp while I’m coding so I still consider it SketchUping.


Silence, is golden


The sound of silence. Or classic but very low

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It’s funny, but I don’t listen to much music while drawing these days. I did back in the day with a Walkman and cassette tapes. I do listen to public radio, especially Fresh Air. The time I do put on headphones and listen to music is doing dishes just to get through it. Lots of 80’s stuff especially the Go-Gos.

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  1. Lofi girl radio,
  2. instrumental hymns,
  3. nature sounds,
  4. or silence.

For some reason, non-instrumental music has most always been distracting to me.

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I’m a Death Metal man myself, with the occasional Viking sea chant.

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SomaFM is great! I’ve never “met” anyone who listens to it. Their 80s channel reminds me of high school just as disco was dying.

Radio Garden is a cool app that uses a global map to listen to streaming FM radio stations.

I recently started listening to Dreaming Cooper and similar. No words, just rhythmic sounds.


It really is. I’ve been listening to GS since about 2008 or so. It’s really introduced me to some really great artists.

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Same for just the lyrics. Unless I don’t have to concentrate too much. :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:


Instrumental metal or rock. or classical.

Or podcasts, notably Hamish and Andy, The shawn ryan show, skynews, ben shapiro…

or annoying (but funny) coworkers

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  1. music
    (latin, relaxing electronic music, other music on radio or youtube < depends on mood and deadline)
  2. television
  3. aquarium pump
  4. kids playing outside
  5. neighbours arguing
  6. birds and dogs

@ the office:

  1. music
    (latin, relaxing electronic music, other music on radio or youtube < depends on mood and deadline)
  2. coworkers
  3. machinery like printer and coffemaker
  4. telephones
  5. keyboard strokes and mouse clicks

UK and office based here.

There are 10 other people in the office so we have the radio on.

It used to play BBC Radio 2 but in recent weeks it’s changed to BBC Radio 6 Music as they play a more mature selection of tunes.

When the office gets too noisy I just plug in my ear buds and listen to whatever takes my fancy on Spotify.

Current listens include a “Sleep in the Rainforest” playlist, “Floating Through Space”, “The Chats Radio” and basically anything it suggests.

It’s all about drowning out the sounds of office chatter at the end of the day.

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Tame Impala


Depends on my mood, but mostly Gospel.


I need 100% concentration while modelling, and for me that requires complete silence.

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