What can I do in SketchUp Free? Can I print, create PDFs and scale drawings?

can I do scale architectural drawings in SketchUp Free?

You can export PNG images and print them. It is possible to scale an image in some image editors. If you are doing this for real architectural work you’ll need SketchUp Pro. It includes LayOut which is designed to easily make creating scaled architectural drawings from your SketchUp file. SketchUp Free is only license for what amounts to hobbyist use, anyway.

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@DaveR is right: SketchUp Pro is designed to help you turn 3D models into scaled architectural and construction drawings, exported with high quality line work, vector illustration for drawing dimensions and markup, and high quality export fidelity for printing and other project delivery.

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So I am totally new on sketch up and I will need scaled architectural drawings. My Archicad license expired and don’t and want to pay for new Arc. program as I am not using it enough.

Trying out sketchup…

So are you trying out SketchUp Pro so you can also use LayOut? Clearly SketchUp Free won’t cut it because of the license limitations and the lack of the options you need.

Yes, I just saw something on line “SketchUp PRO 2019 Lifetime Activated :heavy_check_mark:full version :heavy_check_mark:” I though it was only by leasing.

Are you referring to the SketchUp Classic License? That can be a good option for some folks. If you keep the annual Maintenance and Support up to date, you can update to the next version when it is released and continue with support from the SketchUp folks directly. Of course this forum is a great way to get assistance, too.

Thank you!

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