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Retired Safety Engineer

Who are you, who, who? :) Michael Armstrong
What is your industry and profession? Retired, EE, IT/Networking 
Where do you use SketchUp? Personally at home
Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? Want to replace sketches on scraps of paper with decent architectural rendings of a new home. Favorite thing so far is the price.
How proficient are you in SketchUp? Un
Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? No, this is the first I've heard of it
What is your current set up? Computer type, SketchUp version...etc.Souped-up Dell Latitude, 17.2.2555
Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us? You're joking
Anything else you would like to tell us? So far this has been a very frustrating experience
What is your favorite Emoji? Emoji?
Do you enjoy long walks on the beach...? Not particularly


my name is Shane I am a quadriplegic from the neck down

I am looking to learn sketchup as my base program for building design

I use a on screen keyboard so hopeing anyone can help with typing in dimensions with this.


my website is www.higherthansuperman.com it is a bit about me my injury and my life also how i use a computer


retired architect.
still using sketchup latest version.


Name is Chris. I work at Intel in the HQ. I’m learning SketchUp to plan a renovation - Eventually I’d like to figure out how add landscaping design too, then to do walk-through video clips of my model.


welcome, do you have any export options in either of the two programs you mentioned< like .dwg? That’s where I would start looking for an import plan.


Hello @endlessfix, I just tried it again - found I had done something wrong in the 2020 export - now it works for the main parts. Of course the kitchen cabinets are parts of a 2020 catalog that I don’t have and so the cabinets are missing (not surprised), but I can work with it - better than nothing. Thanks for your reply. I’ve edited my intro now.


Welcome Shane, what is it you need to know?
Using an on screen keyboard should be quite straight forward, I use one all the time albeit with a stylus.

The trick with SketchUp is that it is always listening, so you don’t need to do anything special to make it hear what you type.
For Example, select the pencil tool, click and release once to start a line, move the pointer in the direction you want to go, click and release again, then without doing anything else type in the size you want on the keyboard and hit enter. The line will then snap to that size.
Basically all tools work this way, start an action, then type what you want and hit enter to complete. If its not right type something else and hit enter, you can continue to change this until you move the focus by clicking another tool.
The other benefit of an onscreen keyboard is the Modifier keys stick, so you can use them in combination with the tools as needed. ie: Move tool with ctrl makes a copy.

Feel free to ask more questions, but start a new thread outside of this welcome one, they tend to get lost in here.


Great. Have you checked out the component warehouse? A quick search under “2020 kitchen” brought up quite a few options.


Hi, I’m Rob!

I’m a (kinda) retired mechanical engineer. I’ve used many CAD programs in my career, most recently CATIA for designing tools to help put airplanes together. Now that I’m (mostly) a woodworker, SketchUp Pro gives me a lot of the same capabilities to design projects for my own workshop.

I’ve used SketchUp to assist in the design of the house we have now built in the middle of a cornfield, and to design many custom furniture projects. I paid the leap to Pro about a year ago, and I’m still climbing the LayOut learning curve.

I haven’t had any formal SketchUp training (e.g. 3DBasecamp, etc.) but a lot of the CAD skills I developed I my career have been transferable to SketchUp. I’d rank myself as an intermediate user.

I’ve always wanted to build my own CNC router, and I’ve finally gotten started, using the C-Beam Machine XL mechanical bundle from OpenBuilds. It’s awesome that OpenBuilds has the completed machine modeled in SketchUp and uploaded to the 3D Warehouse.

Well, you asked me the time, and I told you how to build a clock. Speaking of, it’s time for me to ask my first question of the SketchUp Community. See you in the Forums!

All the best,


My Name is Denise B.

*I work in the Tile Sales/Manufacturing Industry and am a digital renderer.

*I use SketchUp professionally.

*I create 3D Models to show clients their space with our products. Flexibility would be my favorite about SketchUp. Clients can have some oddly specific tile patterns and this program makes it a breeze to create.

*I would like to say I am Intermediate in SketchUp. Still learning and expanding my SketchUp knowledge.

*I have never gone to 3DBasecamp.

*I am Have a mac and Currently use SketchUp Pro 2016 but thinking of upgrading to 2017

*I don’t currently have a 3D warehouse page.

*I can’t wait to grow in this community! (Cheesy I know)

  • :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: is easily my favorite!

*Of course, especially when the sun is setting!


You should check into whether there is “Do my modelling for me” site, they could do your modelling for you.


Hi I am lavanya.I did MBA.But i am interested in inetrior designing so started to learn sketchup to reach my dream profession that is interior designer.I am a beginner.I never been to 3DBasecamp.I am using sketchup trail version.I don’t have 3d warehouse.And my favorite emoji is :slight_smile:.And i love to walk on the beach…


Hello. My name is Scott. How are you all doing
I’m in construction and I do drafting for some of my jobs. I came accross your program on line and thought I would try it to see if it would fit my needs. I gotta say though after watching the videos on drafting and especially the first video and drawing a whole hole in five minute. after watching the video I thought it wouls be a snap. boy!!! was I really suprised. It seems that it truley depends on which modle you chose. I am still figuring out how to even draw walls and also trying to figure out how to make my drawing large enough on my screen so I can see it the room I am work on in 28’4" x 15’ 71/4" with some interior walls for a bathroom I need to create inside this space is there any suggustions. I would really appreciate any feed back to get me on my way.Also I would like to have more time for the module I pick to use with sketchup.
Thanks you eevryone for the support


Hello, I am Brad and located in Brisbane Australia. I’m an architect and while I use SketchUp for a number of architectural things I mainly use it for developing models for other recreational items. I’d say I’m an intermediate user but no doubt there are many many things I could do better. I’m using the latest version of Pro. I have never used LayOut so a total novice at that. Hoping I can learn a bit about using the SKP files to get some things cut out via CNC. :slight_smile:


Hey - I’m James I’m a commercial kitchen design consultant from London UK working across EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

I’m hoping to pick some of your brains to resolve a technical issue I’m having!

Happy sketching!


Hi my name is Brad from Victoria, BC Canada. I am an illustrator doing primarily 3D city-scapes for tourist publications and have done everything 2D in the past (Illustrator). I would like to see if I can make a move to SketchUp. I am using SketchUp Pro 17 on a Mac. I have been at this for about a month. Using extensions PlaceMaker and Skelion.


Hi, my name is Louis and a self-employed Building Designer from Toronto.
I’m a beginner in SketchUp and will be needing a lot of help so get reading for me. :dark_sunglasses:


Hi I’m Mary, long time CAD plugin developer. Now taking a look at SketchUp to see what nifty things it can do.


Hi, I am an amateur Sketch Up user, and a total beginner. I was recommended Sketch Up by a fellow railway modeller so as to compliment a design I produced on a dedicated railway modelling app called SCARM (Simple Computer Aided Railway Modelling).
SCARM is very basic in terms if creating 3D objects like baseboard infrastructure. So, to be able to create the components for an open frame baseboard and produce templates for cutting the ply board I’ve chosen as a material, I’ve come to this app.
It is most weird trying to get used to Sketch Up because it does all kinds of odd things that often make no sense and I look forward to getting a handle on it.
I’ve chosen Lostboy30A as a username that goes back to my time of working for British Rail a long time ago, and it refers to a nickname for the job grade I had, and 30A was the old steam loco shed ID code for Stratford depot in east London, UK.