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Want to take license etc off post as you suggest. Now not sure if it is off because I can find it nowhere. Can you tell me is it off? WJM

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My name is Skip. I am a retired auto mechanic. In my retirement I have taken up wood working. I’m hoping to learn how to use Sketchup to help me design jewelry boxes and other wood projects I may want to work on.

I’m sure their is lots of help here, but if I can’t grasp it on my own, does anyone out here offer “one on one” tutoring?


Sketchup seems pretty cool.

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I’m Ann, an amateur artist) I’ve been learning Sketchup for 1 month. I also specialize in 3D modeling a bit (Blender) and I’m pretty skilled with Photoshop

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Hi ! :grinning:

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Hi I’m Paul based in Cape Town,

I’ve been using SketchUp for almost 10 years for my custom cabinetry and woodwork business.

As well as designing the finished product, I like using SketchUp to design jigs and tools that help get the job done, and to communicate the design to the client and the artisans building the projects.

I’m not sure how proficient I am, I suspect I’m ok with the basics, I use it as a tool for construction mainly and try not to get lost in things I don’t need. There is every chance that if I learned more I would use more though.

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Im an amateur designing a garage, workshop and master bedroom to add to my house. I have been using sk make for 5 years. Currently cant find any way to make walls have thickness, and I cant get dxf file from inkscape to import into sk pro. So I joined a forum.

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Welcome - you can post specific questions under a number of categories on the forum.

An excellent training site link -

SketchUp campus.

Hector van der Aa I’m 13
Amateur architect
Simple and advanced
SketchUp make 2017 dell inspiron about 8yrs old with intel i7 @1.9ghz base and 2.8ghz turbo no graphics card
Yes and hope to upload regularly
3D warehouse link https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/user/349ac699-5c33-4929-b8c2-9480b2a712a2/Hector-V?nav=models


13! Really!? that’s great. there are ancient beings here that started with the software before you were born, and they will be happy to help you and answer questions, but you better be quick as they may forget everything, being so old.


im going to start a speaker designing and making company
i have only started so i will keep you guys updated

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Hello every one, My name is Jaime, I always loved anything with designs and shapes. Been a math person too, so geometry to me is like fireworks. Im a general contractor who sits down with customers and help them sketches towards remodulation. Thanks to the social network I started a facebook page ( all social media websites) along with a youtube channel where I explain on the actual job site why is it wrong and how to do it. I want to educate contractors and homeowner on your common problems everyone misses. Sketch up has helped me grow as a small business owner so now I want to give back to the community. Want to inform homeowners about doing their own sketch or from a professional. I want to work side by side schools whom have the programs to donate equipment and have the students get a feel of the work. Ways to keep them out of trouble and motivate them. Also a donation page where all goods are donated for those in need. My favorite thing about sketch up ( still a beginner ) is the fact that my imagination has no limit, sketch allows your mind to finish developing your sketching skills. I have learned a lot on sketch up but lets says its been just what I see in you tube or other users. I have never gone to a sketch up bootcamp but I would love to and just socialize around the would of sketch up, Where ideas are born. MacBook Pro Retina , sketch up pro 2018. I don’t have a 3d warehouse because of lack knowledge but I soon will. My favorite emoji :grin: because I’m always happy. Love the beach, at any time of the day a walk at the beach is perfect to me. (PLZ ignore grammar)

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Time to upgrade to SketchUp Pro. :wink:

Hey all

just joined as often search and find info on the forums but can’t reply and also have a few questions of my own


Hi Ed,
Here’s hoping you are still actively around. You may be just the guy who can help me.
I’m looking for an actual image (any image) of specifically a 16th century Roman CITY
building. Something that would have been about mid-century and a residence is exactly
what I need. I have found a SU model in the WAREHOUSE called Roman Settlement
by Jonathon G. I could probably use some of that for my purpose, but I can’t be certain
if that look is accurate for that time period. I would be grateful for any guidance —THANKS
—Tom Griffith


Who are you?
I am Michiel, from Amsterdam

What is your industry and profession?
I’m a software designer / developer. In the specific case of SketchUp I’m working on a couple of plug-ins. In my teens I had ambitions to become an architect, but somehow the road we call life led in a different direction. I am very happy to work on these plugins though, as it is fun work, and takes me back a bit.

Where do you use SketchUp?

How proficient are you in SketchUp?
Intermediate, moving towards advanced, but mostly on the API side.

What is your current set up?
Honebrew workstation running Windows 10 64Bit on a 10 core Xeon processor with 48GB ram, SSDs . in RAID 10 for speend and redundancy. Besides my SketchUp plugin development, I also do other development which sometimes requires a powerfull machine.

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…?
As a matter of fact I do :smile:. And other walks too. In the woods. Speeding up a bit into running is also great.

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bonjour, Cyril Utilisateur Sketchup et layout depuis le début, je profite des échange sur ce forum pour enrichir l’utilisation de cet outil.
Je suis principalement dans l’architecture et l’agencement.

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Hello, I am new here… Hope you all doing well

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