Weird transparency issue with Vray


I’m trying to make a new version of the popular series of Bosch appliances in the 3Dwarehouse. However for odd reason the part that is supposed to be transparent isn’t and a part that is entirely not supposed to be transparent is. Included is the Sketchup file. It gets a little more strange because RT does the complete opposite effect. :confused:
This is what it looks like in Sketchup:

Model Download

This is what I get with R

Weirdly this is what it does with RT

Oh I just wanted to mention, I’m using PNG’s with Alpha Channels in the main display. I feel like there might be something going on with that. Maybe?

Sorry what did I do wrong?

Nothing. I expect you should be talking to the Vray folks. I don’t think this is a technical problem with SketchUp.

I think it is a mistake I made somewhere. The Vray forums are very dry compared to here. and I’ve asked Vray related questions here before.