Weird behavior of fill faces in 3d-print results

Hello peeps,

thanks for existing! :slight_smile: I am new here and can’t stop wondering about some Sketchup behavior. First, this is the model I am working on. Forum Farben.skp (968.5 KB)

Highlighted yellow: this face around a circle is not fillable without this “web” of lines. Unfortunately, these also show in the print. What does this mean? Is the circle in the middle not exactly the same height as the walls?

Highlighted green: here the hollow space seems too unstable to be printed hollow. I want to connect the outer wall surrounding the box shape “more” to the box, but “inside”. Is this possible in any way?

Thank you all in advance, I am excited!

Hugs, Sophia

The web of lines are triangulation required to make the surface because the edges are not in the same plane. Getting all the edges of the hole and the perimeter into the same plane could be done although it’s probably easiest to redo the model.

The circle isn’t centered, either. One thing that is evident is that you are randomly dragging out the radii for circles. It’s always a good idea to drag the radius out on axis. Notice that the vertices around the edges of the larger diameter and smaller one don’t align. They should.

I’m not exactly certain what you are asking here. The walls are pretty thin. You could certainly make them thicker and you could add gussets and buttresses if you need to make it stiffer.

There’s some bad geometry on the screw bosses on the inside. Are they also supposed to be different heights? They all have weird geometry but especially the two on the right.

At this stage I would recommend starting the model over. Set units to meters and work as if millimeters were meters. Make sure to keep circles on axis, planes flat and geometry clean as you go.

Is there some reason the dimensions are so strange?

Hi DaveR,

it was exactly that: since I use a slow mouse, the axis-following point recommended to build the basic shapes slipped off the 90°C angle for mostly tiny measures, but this was enough, of course, to not find the surfaces closing properly. I thank you a lot!

you can easily turn it up in system preferences…