Website Doesn't Answer the Most Important Question

You have a great forum and learning center but your website is the worst marketing I’ve ever seen, I can’t imagine how many sales you’re losing. You have a free product and one that costs $695. Amazingly, you don’t have a single easily found comparison chart or explanation as to why someone would want to buy the $695 version. This is stunningly bad marketing. You’re not answering the single biggest question most visitors are going to have. Even your FAQ about Pro licenses doesn’t address the elephant in the room. Why would I want to give you $695 if you can’t even bother to answer that question?!

I did end up finding the info with a Google search, which is rather absurd that’s what I had to do to find the answer.

• SketchUp Help Center : SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro

For commercial purposes the SU Pro license is required.


I think a link to that specific page would be rather handy at the first step of the download page, along with the “Hardware and Software Requirements” link.


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