Webinar Architectural Design: Evolve your workflow with technology

Anyone else have a problem viewing the -
Webinar - Architectural Design: Evolve your workflow with technology?
Opens up OK! but does not play
Received link on a ‘noreply’ so not sure how to raise query with Sketchup sender
PS Hope this general category is OK…not sure where else it could go

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Does this link work for you…?

[Webinar] Architectural Design: Evolve your workflow with technology?

You were linking to a JPG

Thanks for response Paul
That was a screen shot of what I get after I click on link in email

When I click on ‘play’ icon in centre…
and I then get this …

Did I misunderstand actions required?

I have the same problem. The link takes me to the required page but the problem is that video does not play. It just looks like the screen shot shown in this post.

Any feedback?
Could we perhaps have a link to the source file OR maybe a YouTube link?

It’s working for me…

But I do get a sense that it could be glitchy

On my Android phone and tablet if I follow the link sent, a dialogue box opens to take my name, email address etc and then I can watch the webinar…but not on Windows 10 PC.
I note Paul is on Windows 11 and Devine is on W10 but the problem may not relate to merely the OS

i have same problem.

Try turning off any adblocker you may have running. And check pop-up blockers as well. If I remember correctly there is a form you need to fill in before you can watch the recording.

Just recently updated to W11 - I was able to watch when I was W10.

There was no form to fill in on the PC but there was on my Android phone.

Solution seems to be as Teeem suggested - turn off adblocker.

On my Windows10 PC I still had a form to complete and then was able to watch Webinar.
Its the ‘little shield icon’ in address bar. Seems to apply to that page only but turned it off after anyway.
On Firefox answer of ‘how to’ is in link below


Thanks to all