We want to develop a universal profile builder 3 Assembly library plugin

I am a long-time user of SU and I enjoy studying and exploring SU plugins in my spare time. When I learned how to use the PB3 plugin, I found that it greatly improved my modeling efficiency. Additionally, it allows me to store and reuse created components, saving a lot of time spent on repetitive modeling tasks.

So, I came up with the idea of creating an online PB3 component library where everyone can upload and share their own created components. There are many objects, such as railings, roads, and interior decorations, that are commonly used and it’s not necessary for each person to create them individually. This is just an idea of mine and I would like to hear everyone’s opinions.

Maybe this is already possible in the 3DWarehouse?

Yes, 3Dwarehouse already has some PB3 Assembly, but there are not many of them, to be precise, we want to make a paid download PB3 component library

Your intentions are good but nobody, or at least not enough people will pay for assemblies having already paid for PB. It’s hard enough for extension developers to get people to pay let alone getting someone to pay for what is essentially ‘smart’ geometry.

More Assemblies on the Warehouse would be the ideal solution.


On top of that, why would people pay if there’s no way to check if the components are good or bad.
On the 3DWarehouse there are lots of bad models and models that are waaay to detailed so they bloat your model if you use them. But at least you can download them for free and inspect them before using or discard them…

Every few years someone posts the idea to create a new repository for models/assets/materials/dcs… in the end there is a realization that they cannot really offer what 3dwarehouse does in a way that makes sense or is profitable. I think that it would be unlikely that Profile Builder users would want to pony up for access to assets beyond what they are already paying when they have the ability to share already with the tools available.

If you wanted, you could collect the best Profile Builder assets you have found into a collection and share that with the community.

As you said, paying for content is very difficult, not to mention that most users do not use the PB3 plugin.

You should at least talk to @Whaat about this. It’s his extension after all.

It would indeed be of very limited appeal.

Users might not wanna pay , but it’s in the interest of manufacturers that their products are gonna be used in (preliminary) designs.

Thank you for your reminder. I have already tried to contact him.