We need your opinion, your help to create an engineering plugin

Hello friends. My friend has created new “Cool Pipe” plugin. It is the programm for engineers which need to create engineering systems. This programm is free. But my friend need some help with him programm. If you are really interesting I give the link in “Telegram” where you wiil see more information. The pictures in this message help you to understand how the programme looking and what it can do.

Sorry for my english)

I have seen this plugin in the past 5-10 years or so, but most of the info and the program itself have been limited to Russian language.The former “website” seemed quite unreliable and phishing as well. Therefore I cant really followed.
So, I’m interested, but for sure I’ll not give my phone number and will not register to Telegram just to see.
If you really want a feedback I suggest you to give a real link with English content without asking sensitive data.
Sorry for my honest.

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Honesty is the good people character). The program has english language I will try to show you it. The last version made in 2018(ver 1.4.1) Of cource this is your choice. I only want to show this plugin. This is the oficial programm webpage. The programm is free that’s why the website looking not good.http://coolpipe.ru In the right corner of website you can change the language.

As you could see this is little people group.

Ладно. Большое спасибо!
Желаю удачи в закрытом коллективе!

Please be more specific. Or have your “friend” come here and be more specific.

Okey, I will tell him.

My friend is busy now, he has told me that he will write message in the Monday

Dan, I greet you!
In terms of plugin programming, I have no questions, I have studied your recommendations and your criticism of my first version plugin (8-10 years ago http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=323&t=41982).
The questions are more of a technical nature, or rather what is required by the users themselves.
For example, from the latter: “Is it required to calculate the strength of the steam pipeline depending on pressure and temperature, or the user can decide for himself what thickness of the pipeline wall should be. If yes, what regulatory documents are used for this in a particular country, are there any Free access”.

Of course, I am a Russian hacker, I use free hosting from Ukoz.ru specifically to steal your personal data, especially in order to ruin your privacy !!! ))) (it was a joke). In the telegram channel, which one of the active users of the plugin showed you, I do not have access to the phone number, but of course you decide whether you need to or not.

Nothing wrong with it, my wife is “half” Russian and she has been hacked me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really like piping plugins. I hope yours doesn’t ends up like mine. (Beside my plugin is unfinished and scrappy, you are free to use if you want…)
I’m happy to help here in this forum as well - if you have a specific questions - as far as I can.
I sincerely wish you good luck! I really cross my fingers!

What’s your plugin called? Interesting to see


Why did you go to Extension whorehouse.? It is a link to Sketchucation PluginStore only!

Found and downloaded. The implementation is interesting, but apparently there are still problems

I know! I told you already! Did you missed it?

Yes, I read it. You never know what flaws there may be. Everyone has their own. Thanks for the link to your plugin, I’ll see how I can use it for my solution, with your permission

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Dezmo, thank you for your plugin, I think we will take something interesting from it.

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Most of them cost money, and some are expensive.

There is some free information out there …