Wave Shutter -

How to design this wave kind of shutters and reuse the same shutters for different sizes.

Anybody could throw some light on this please…


Maybe you should share the image that is what you want to models and share what you have tried so far… when I pull up that page, i am not really sure what you want to make.

Pretty complicated stuff by what I saw on their website. Got a few ideas but it sort of depends on how much detail you want. Opening doors and drawers etc. need to be “exact” or just “in the style of “ ?

@tuna1957 , I need exact kind of shutters, and drawers with the profiles of waves , should be seamless, as in the picture.

@TheOnlyAaron I want to make white drawer/ shutter profiles , with wave design, i am clueless as, from where to start.![044|523x469]

  1. I Want to make of this kind of Profile as attached in the image.
  2. how to have to make the shutter / drawer,
  3. Either the single shutter / drawer for each box has to made first and then it has to be copied, or the entire shutter for the length of the kitchen has to be made and then divided as per the size of the shutter / drawer, to pullout the drawer or open the shutter.



I don’t understand where you are having a problem?
Here I just drew the wave curve on the floor, divided it up then made and arrayed components.
Basically you make your draw units as normal rectangles and make the fascia to fit.

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Ok. Thanks. Will try it out… Will let you know if any difficulty.


Late to the party as usual. Was away from the machine for awhile. Pretty much did similar to Box. One difference is I noticed looking at the manufacturers website it appears the “waves” run horizontal and have displacement on the vertical also. After getting the wavy slat groups positioned I grouped them and opened the group and exploded the individual slats. This allowed me to use “Vertex Tools” with it’s “soft select” function to randomly select along the face of all the “waves” to create the “bulging” on the vertical. Posting my model for you to check out if you like.

wavy cabinet test.skp (1.3 MB)

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@tuna1957 really appreciated…
Thanks will checkout.