Watch and learn about SketchUp Pro 2018

Hey everybody!

I’m excited to share that we’re hosting another SketchUp Live on Facebook, this time focused on the new features of SketchUp Pro and Layout 2018. Tune in as Aaron and Josh take SketchUp Pro 2018 for a test drive and take a look at what’s new in this release.

Where: SketchUp Live: What's new in SketchUp Pro 2018?
When: Friday, November 17 at 10 AM MST

As always, feel free to pose questions here or on the Facebook comment thread during the live event.

See you there!

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I hope the event is recorded for viewing later and posted on the SU website. Many of us have to work and some of us see no need to utilize Facebook.

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Yes, we’ll post it to YouTube as soon as we can and I’ll also post a link to it here.

If you missed today’s Facebook live about all the new features of SketchUp Pro and LayOut 2018, you can now watch the replay:

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Wait, wait what? On 15:28 it appears as you can apply any material to the section fills on Mac, not just solid colors. What is this sorcery?

no, it just uses the average color if you chose a texture…


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Awww… But I wanted sorcery!


Ah, it’s just the Mac version having a bad UI :frowning: . It would be really sweet if materials were supported.

So… You are saying that Mac = Sorcery?

More that it’s a bug that makes the UI misleading unfortunately :frowning: . I have no experience in using SU on Mac myself* so I didn’t know what the material(color selection was like.

  • Except for a few minutes when I tried my old neighbor’s computer back in 2014 and when I competed in the sketching game at the Basecamp the same year.

One of the downsides of taking advantage of the OS-specific utilities (like the color UI) is that there are two different versions! I guess it’s a tradeoff… Less work for development, but a little extra documentation required…

I think many agree they have done far less work on the mac ‘Color’ panel…

It wasn’t bad up until v7 when things started going wrong, that have never been addressed…



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