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Hey guys here are a few tips I picked up along the way when using Layout and Sketchup in conjunction. I’m no Layout power user for me it’s a tool to help me get projects into construction so I break the rules as I see fit.


Interesting. I recently resorted to screen capture to get SketchUp output into PowerCADD really fast, except I was doing orthographic, interior elevations to scale. In PC, I had a simple rectangle representing the section cut of the room to scale. I did a matching screen capture of just that rectangle in SU, paste in PC, and using the rectangle to snap too, scale the raster image to fit, and it’s to scale. All in a matter of a few seconds. The result is strictly raster, but it is fast.

Pasting selected objects from SU into LO is news to me.

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Copying objects from SketchUp into LayOut creates an embedded reference to a SketchUp file that has the origin set at the used internal axis of the object. If you wanna change it, you need to rightclick on the viewport in LayOut and choose ‘Open with SketchUp’. The edits would be saved internally.
If going around this way, you need to be aware and remember to update the main model.
The reference manager can get cumbersome to keep track.

If you already have a viewport that contains the whole model, adding a copied object will increase the size of the LayOut file with the size of that object as if it was saved as a seperate component.

That won’t be much of a problem when a single rafter is pasted, but when the pasted objects are bigger in size and you have multiple, copying the viewport in LayOut with the whole model might be more efficient, if organized and set up with scenes.

I am a builder as well and I always like ‘quick and dirty’ methods.


Thanks Mike that’s good to know, :+1:

In many cases, trades need info yesterday (Especially bricklayers, arghh) and breaking the rules to keep them onsite is something I just have to do to get them to complete the job.

Are bricklayers as sought after there Mike as they are in Australia? In fact, many trades are scarce here at the moment as prefabricated frames and trusses have a 12 to 14-week waiting time and carpenters are now hand cutting rooves.
I ended up making this video that may help some builders and architects