Washed out render after saving to computer. Help

I am having difficulties post render in vray/sketchup. After I edit my render in the frame buffer using the layers, getting it exactly how I want it, I then save it as a PNG and it looks almost lifeless/desaturated. It’s very discouraging because it makes my render appear to be half of the quality that it is inside sketchup/vray. I also can’t even post side by side pictures on here, because when I do a screenshot or use the snipping tool it appears the exact same as the lifeless png. It’s so odd. I am not a computer wiz so there could just be something I am missing. I did just recently get a new computer: a Dell XPS, NVIDIA RTX and it has a great screen resolution (is that the issue?) I could use some help for sure, this issue is preventing me from producing portfolios for clients- that I am proud of haha.

This is a screenshot of my sketchup/vray it looks brighter and has more color in the program, but here it looks washed out and grayed. These are also the settings I have on the frame buffer screen, my exposure display only is set to 0, and my asset editor settings for auto exposure and white balance are off. The screenshot also was perfect until I saved it to my computer. I am a new user so I can only post one photo, but the PNG looks the same.

Not at V-ray now but it looks to me that you are making adjustments to Display correction. If I remember right, these are not saved with the image but you have to add corresponding layers and adjustments to the image itself. Display correction only affects the screen view of the frame buffer.

This might sound dumb, but how would I go about adding the correct corresponding layers to the image itself rather than the frame buffer? Thank you for responding.

My V-ray license seems to not work just now but there is the Layers icon with the + sign on it on top of the layers list.