Warehouse Extension - can't find an extension

I m not able to find a lot of extension in new type of warehouse. Is some typs how it works now ? Because it s not space for choose author and if i put the name of extension it doesn t find nothing.


What extensions are you looking for? Maybe they aren’t hosted in the Extension Warehouse. There are many extensions that aren’t hosted in the EW but are hosted at SketchUcation. There are other sources, too.

I m looking for AMS Smooth Tool. It s supposed to be in Extension Warehouse.
But thanks for response

Do you mean Smooth Zoom?

yes smooth zoom

Smooth Zoom is hosted at Sketchucation.It has been there since 2014 when it was first released.


thanks and It requires AMS Library 3.6.0h+ but i cant find it and without it it doesnt work .

A simple search of the Sketchucation Plugin Store shows it as the second entry.

Thank you so much . Now it works