Wanted to be able to understand why the layout crashes so much?

The layout hangs very independently of the computer I use.
I have a great configuration, ryzen 7 2700x 16gb ram 3000mhz a video card rx580 8gb and memo so a light design in the layout gets a lot … When will Trimble fix this?
and doesn’t use even 20% of the computer’s components

Looking at your plan, some of the furniture components seem heavy.
SketchUp/LayOut, like all 3D modellers, is single threaded, so it will never use more than one of your processor cores.

If you do a search in this forum, you will find countless posts complaining about how slow and clunky Layout is. The general feeling is that it needs rebuilding from the ground up, not only to work faster but to work more in the way SU itself does. But that is a huge undertaking for developers and there is no way of knowing when, or if, it will be addressed. In the meanwhile, there are some steps you can take to make it easier to work with. For example, keep to raster rendering whilst working and only switch to vector/hybrid once you’ve done everything else. And as @Anssi has pointed out, the size of the SU file also has a bearing. It is good practice to keep that as small as you can.

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Yes, for sure Simon… however it’s the case in all areas of life that we tend to hear about the experiences of those who unfortunately have a poor experience (and we should hear of those experiences).

One can’t take the number of people on this forum who have a poor experience of Layout and then extrapolate that to a wider conclusion that Layout is intrinsically poor from a programming point of view.

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Paul, you’re right of course. But equally, you can’t assume that because there are a lot of silent people it means they are content. It’s that old thing about absence of evidence doesn’t mean evidence of absence.

It seems that developers do keep an eye on what forum members suggest or complain about. If I thought this was just a talking shop for the disgruntled, I might not bother posting at all. I think there are some quite experienced users here who share a wish for a better LO experience, not just some wacky outriders.

Ultimately, it is all likely to come down to competition. If the SU/LO crown ever gets seriously challenged, that would be a wake up call. You can bet there will be people around the world working on it!

Many (certainly not all) layout crashes and lagging issues are often traced to poor or inefficient modelling practices or settings. The image in the OP suggests such inefficient modeling.

On the other hand there is much that could be improved in Layout.

A very calm, straightforward, and reasoned description of the now accepted reality - too bad this is the case!