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I know this is not a new topic, but I have exhausted the forum (I think) and internet searches without much help. I am reasonably competent in SU. I understand how the camera functions are supposed to work and watched tutorials.
But I just can’t get walk to work decently. It is either too fast, slow, erratic, unpredictable. I think I am doing all the basics right. Turning is difficult even with the arrow keys, eye height is all over the place (yes I know how to adjust it). Position camera works pretty well. But just trying to do a simple walk thru of an interior complex house is an exercise in futility. I keep resorting to the pan, zoom and orbit to get where I want to go. Is there a better way? Nothing is intuitive on the walk command to me.
I’m not a plug in guy but should I be? I would be embarrassed to try to navigate my model in front of a client.
For how intuitive everything is in SU this is an embarrassment (ok other than figuring out how to deal with non-coplanar issues!).
I also understand that SU is a modeling tool not an animation tool, but…
Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me a couple clues about how to “walk around better”?
PS I am not a gamer so my nav/shoot skills may be lacking!
Thanks in advance for any help.

Here’s a pic of the model I am trying to nav thru FWIW:

Sounds like you’re familiar with the commands it just might mean practice, like you say, a gamer who’s practiced in this would find it easier.
My recommendation is to get a space mouse which is what I use. Not only is good for what you need but it also makes modelling in SU so much easier as you can move effortlessly in 3D space.


Interesting idea. Thanks for the tip.

The SpaceMouse’s mentioned in @whiterabbitdesigncompany post are excellent for refining and speeding up navigation. I also wanted to mention that if not using a SpaceMouse, a good quality mouse is important—perhaps you already have one, I’m just saying that the poor response of a cheap scroll wheel can really hinder your zooming.

About navigating in front of clients, do you use scenes? A few carefully-thought-out, well-placed scenes can simplify your presentations to a few clicks.

I agree. Although I see a lot of people just using a track pad on laptops
too ! (Something I can’t do) The best mouse I found was a Logitech wireless
one that has a stainless steel scroll wheel that can be spun very fast and
stopped by ones finger…makes for zooming in and out fast and easy.
One of the benefits of the space mouse is that it doesn’t get slowed down
when nearing or passing through planes/surfaces as a regular mouse does.
For me, having the spacemouse in the left hand and a regular mouse in the
right makes for a very efficient workflow.

Steve Hardie
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I have a quality mouse (I think!). Thanks for the scene tip sounds like a good approach.

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