"Walk" and "Look Around" don't work well for me anymore

Somehow I’ve done something to my model that causes the Walk and Look around Tools not to work well. After positioning the camera, I can’t actually use the walk tool anymore, except occasionally it will let me take a couple of steps backward. If I’m in a wide open space on the model, I can still use it, but the moment I’m in a room, or near a structure (even outside a house, for example, but near an external wall), it will stop working. All I can do is rotate around.

The look around tool, then, will work, but I can see through everything. Not X-Ray mode, but when I spin around, if I’m close to a wall, instead of the way it used to work, as I spin around, I start seeing through the wall into adjacent rooms.

Are there settings I can change to affect this behavior? Thanks in advance for your help.

Sounds like it might be clipping plane issues. I’m on a phone so can’t do much more. Search clipping and go from there. Upload your model for better answers.

Is your model very large or very far (a couple of kilometers or more) from the SketchUp origin point?


Thank you both. I played around with the settings in the clipping link, and I think the key was the size of the model…distance from the origin. I had a large landscape around my structure. When I reduced the size of that surrounding landscape, so that the model didn’t cover such a large area, the look around and the walk functions worked as expected.

Thank You!